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Homecoming Dance Transformation


It is HOMECOMING SEASON! I had the pleasure of making up my freshman mentee for her first homecoming dance. With her looking THIS gorgeous,
I had to let her know that she will be dancing with NO BOYS. Can't say if she heeded my words or not, but one thing I can guarantee is that she was stealing the spotlight!

The theme of her homecoming was "Under the Sea", so she wanted to include some kind of blue in her look. I decided to keep the majority of her eye pretty simple, but give a pop of color right under her eyes. Her eyes actually match her fabulous shoes.

Her dress was a simple black pencil skirt/ sheath dress. She is loving the classy and sophisticated style for highschool, but she brings the edgy-ness in with her fierce Rhianna inspired hair.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this transformation. If you would like more videos like this please leave a comment below!

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